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March 2004 Newsletter


The LeTip Creed


LeTip is a professional organization of men and women dedicated to the highest standards of competence and service.  Our purpose is the exchange of business tips.  Members will, at all times, maintain the highest professional integrity.  One member represents each business category and conflicts of interest are disallowed.


LeTip SeaTac chapter meets weekly on Wednesday at the Holiday Inn SeaTac International located at 17338 Pacific Hwy. S. Beginning at 11:31 A.M. sharp, the meeting concludes at 1:01 P.M sharp.




Inside this Issue:


Welcome New Members. 1

Learn Home Buying and Real Estate Investment!2

Support Your Family’s Health. 3

Creating Your Own Website?. 3

Protect yourself from Identity Theft4

March Program Directors Schedule. 4

SeaTac LeTip Website. 5

SeaTac LeTip Newsletter5




Welcome New Members


Adam Zimmerman, Pacific Capital Resource Group, Inc.

Dan Burrington, Nikken Wellness Home Consultant

Judy Kirby, Alexander Lending, Inc.





Learn Home Buying and Real Estate Investment!

Judy Kirby:


Share home ownership with your friends, relatives, co-workers.  Invite them to participate in free monthly seminars.  Our next one will be…


Monthly Homebuyer Seminar


Location:           Saturday March 13, 2004 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Date:                3131 Western Avenue (Denny & Western), Seattle, WA


Continental Breakfast at 9:30am – Complimentary Lunch at Noon – Free Work Materials.


Space is limited.  Make Reservation Now:

Phone (206) 285-3536  E-mail:



We take you step by step through the home buying process in plane English.


Ø       Selecting The Real estate Agent, and Becoming Their “Best“ Buyer

Ø       Finding the “Right” property for you and your budget

Ø       Getting approved for the best interest rate

Ø       Learn how to purchase with Zero Down Payment

Ø       Understand the Loan process:  Title, Escrow, Home Inspection, Appraisal, Costs

Ø       Free Loan Pre-approval

Ø       Industry Professionals on Hand to Answer Your Questions



We also have Investment Seminars:

Investing in Real Estate in Turbulent Times:  Strategies For Success


Ø       Investment Objectives, Time Frame Risk Tolerance

Ø       Selecting the Property:  Evaluating Value and Income

Ø       Management Plan:  Screening Applicants, Lease/Rental Agreements, Tenant Rights

Ø       Loan Programs/Process

Ø       Managing Cash Flow/Disaster Plan


Presented By:

Alexander Lending, Inc.

First American Title Insurance

Pacific Capital Resource Group, Inc.


For further information contact: Judy Kirby

Office Phone:     (206) 285-3536

Cell Phone:       (206) 271-0421


Why Rent When You Can Own?  Let us Show you How.  Informed buyers make better decisions.


Support Your Family’s Health

Dan Burrington:


Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Family, Healthy Society and Healthy Finances.

Instead of curing disease, total wellness focuses on prevention. It emphasizes not only better physical health, but peace of mind and financial security.

Our physical, mental and overall well-being are based on proper attention to each of four interrelated areas:


• Rest and relaxation

• Nutrition

• Environment

• Fitness


The objective is to keep these four areas in balance.

When all are in harmony, the result can be a dramatic improvement in the quality of life. Nikken brings each of these components into your home. The Nikken Wellness Home.

Nikken offers a selection of wellness technology products, and each is designed to address one or more of these specific areas. Together, the Nikken products provide an intelligent and practical approach to the challenges of modern living.



Creating Your Own Website?

Courtesy of Richard Palmer:  Bridgeway Design Services


Are you a budding web developer?  Have just enough skills to get you in trouble?  On such a tight budget that you think you can't afford professional website services?  Technically able to produce results but your artist skills are, shall we say, "lacking"?  If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions we have a solution for you!


Bridgeway Design Services offers custom artwork services!  We can have one of our full-time artists create the look you're after and provide it in a file.  If you're up to the task and have the software to do it you can "cut" the artwork into html and create your own site.  If you don't know how to "cut" artwork into html we can do this for you and provide you with the images and an html template.


For many clients this type of work isn't of interest as the time to cost ratio isn't in their favor -- that is, learning to do the work, going through the trial and error and eventually creating a website can cost a lot more in production hours than having a professional firm do it for you.  However, what about that friends and family site you've always wanted to have but couldn't justify the cost?  Or maybe you want a site for some specials you run now and again that aren't part of your normal inventory?  Well, this could be just the ticket.


For more complex sites (with advanced features such as shopping carts, product catalogs, classified ad sections, etc.) this route wouldn't make much sense and a professional should be called in to curb costs.  But for personal websites or an auxiliary site this can be a wise decision.

And don't think this service is just for the hobbyist.  Even expert web developers use this service. They may not have a full-time artist on their staff or might need a certain look that they're not proficient in.  It can make a lot of economic sense to outsource artwork.


All of our artists have Bachelor of Arts degrees and are total professionals in the software used to create artwork for the web.  This resource is for you!  Call us if you have any questions.


Bridgeway Design Services (206) 764-0606





Protect yourself from Identity Theft

America’s fastest-growing financial crime . . .

Courtesy of: Krisel Andersen, First American Title


Here are steps you can take now to s thieves from stealing your good name:


Do not give out personal information, such as account or credit card numbers, on the phone or over the internet unless you have initiated the contact.  Identity thieves could pose as bank officials, internet providers, or credit card company representatives.  REMEMBER:  If someone has a right to this information (such as your bank), they should already have it . . . and shouldn’t need to request it over the phone.


Report lost or stolen checks immediately and properly store cancelled checks.  Examine new checks to be sure none were stolen during shipment and store them in a safe and secure location.


Destroy unused financial solicitations before discarding them.  Shred other financial documents, such as statements or receipts before discarding them.


Guard your credit card number.  Treat your receipts with care.  Leaving them behind or throwing them in the trash could leave them vulnerable to thieves, who could use them to access your accounts.


Make sure your mailbox is secure and promptly remove mail when it has been delivered.  Identity thieves often raid mailboxes to obtain credit card offers and financial statements.


Contact the major credit reporting companies at least annually to review your file.  A copy of your credit report is available for a small fee.  Some credit bureaus are:  Equifax:  1-800-685-1111, Transunion:  1-800-916-8800.




March Program Directors Schedule


March 3


Adam Zimmerman - Pacific Capitol
Judy Kirby - Alexander Lending
Jeff Sun – Liberty Mutual (Insurance)

March 10


Loogpla Cowden - E- Z Airport Parking
Adam Zimmerman - Pacific Capitol
Judy Kirby - Alexander Lending

March 17


Doug Steinberg - Sudden Printing
Loogpla Cowden - E- Z Airport Parking
Adam Zimmerman - Pacific Capitol

March 24


Senad Kenjar - SK Construction 
Doug Steinberg - Sudden Printing
Loogpla Cowden - E- Z Airport Parking

March 31


Judy Gesell - Treasured Homes Inc.
Senad Kenjar - SK Construction
Doug Steinberg - Sudden Printing


SeaTac LeTip Website

Make it work for you!

Courtesy of Jim Dick: E-Z Airport Parking


August of last year, I was asked if I could put together some pages for the SeaTac LeTip group to give them a presence on the internet.  I enjoy doing that sort of thing and was happy to help out.  I looked at what some of the other LeTip sites had to offer, and tried to figure out what would make the site most useful to all the members.  Of course an introduction to LeTip seemed like a good idea, and an online calendar of meetings and events.  I have been keeping copies of the SeaTac LeTip news letter available online, as well as a contact page for the officers.  Lastly there is a members page with contact information for each member of the group.  An online business card as you will.  Ever since the creation of the members page, I have been trying to think of ways to make it more useful.


I attended the Fremont LeTip luncheon in February.  At the end of the meeting there was a competition where members got up and did a 60 second power commercial explaining what their business was, why they are the best at what they do, and why they should receive referrals.  Then it occurred to me that rather than having little business cards pop-up on the members page, this would be a great medium for each member to post a simple “60 second” 1 page power commercial as well as contact information.  This would allow other members who want to refer customers your way to have quick easy access to your “Power Commercial”.


My plan for the members page is to create separate pages for each member (instead of the pop-up business card) containing their contact information.  I will be happy to place that “60 second power commercial” on each members page for any members who would like to submit one.


q       Keep it short and to the point

q       Exactly what is your business

q       Why are you the best at it

q       Summarize what you offer the customer

q       Link to your business website if applicable


Cheers, Referrals, and Dollars in your pocket!




SeaTac LeTip Newsletter

This is your forum! 


We are interested in who you are and what you do.  We would love to learn about your business from you.  We need to be educated by you in order to provide you with effective referrals.  We need your help making this news letter fun and interesting.  Lets create a strong chapter by keeping each other educated and informed.


Articles for the newsletter should be submitted by last meeting of the month to be published the following month.  Please give your articles to the chapter secretary.